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Featured Analog Photographer: Iffa Iryani

Posted on May 15th, 2015


Where are you from?

How and when did you start doing photography?
It all started in 2008 when I chanced upon lomography and found how interesting it was to produce pictures that truly brought out character and colours! The tagline “shoot from the hip!” made me curious too. My first ever film camera was this Robot-3 toy camera that I bought at one of those random shops that sells all the little knick knacks.

What inspires your photography?
I am inspired by the things that I surround myself with. Positive vibes and smiles of my loved ones always makes me want to take picture of them. I think nature and people on the streets are beautiful too so I try my best to capture those things the best way that I can.

Why do you still shoot film?
Tangibility. Also, I like how you have to do everything manually – from inserting the film, rewinding, setting everything on your own, to even sending the film to the film shop! Haha.

What are your favourite camera’s to shoot with?
Nikon FM3a, Zenit 122k and my trusty Olympus mju ii!

What is your favourite film to work with?
Hands down, it has got to be the Kodak Portra 400.

Do you think film photography has a future?
I believe so! I feel like more people are open to the beauty of film and as long as there are people who are still taking pictures on film, it will have a future.

You can see more of Iffa’s photos go check out her blog a Certain Disposition