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Featured Analog Photographer: Diana Rahim

Posted on May 22nd, 2015


Where are you from?

How and when did you start doing photography?
My father was a photographer, and he put a camera in my hands when I was very young. I’ve been taking photos for a long time, although I’ve only really recently tried to be more disciplined and serious about it. When I mean serious I just mean that I’m making more of an effort to take beautiful photos, instead of merely cataloging my day.

What inspires your photography?
I’ve really taken mostly street and portrait photos. And most
of the time, I’ve been guided by the image of the solitary. Or things being themselves, unmolested by their surroundings. One of my favourite photographers, Nguan, said “when you’re lonely you start to look for other lonely people, and I see them everywhere I go.” It’s the same thing for me, exactly. Look at all these lonely people and lonely things. But look at how beautiful they are, just being there, existing. I really find value in photographing images that people pass by without a
second look. I’ve always been guided by the value of

Why do you still shoot film?
I have no sentimental reason for it. It’s honestly a practical choice. I can’t afford a high end DSLR that markets by the thousands. My Nikon FG gives me quality images for much cheaper, even if people might say getting a digital camera has more value in the long run, I don’t really think so. I’ve done
the math.

Who are your favourite photographers?
Nguan, Mariam Sitchinava, Prue Stent, and my eternal favourite, Paolo Roversi.

What are your favourite camera’s to shoot with?
I only shoot with one camera, which is my Nikon FG. I’m exceedingly loyal. Or stubborn, whichever way you take it.

What is your favourite film to work with?
I only use Fujifilm Superia 200 now. I’ve used other films but Superia is my favourite because of the colors. The reds really pop! It makes me heady whenever I look at them.

Do you think film photography has a future?
Maybe, but even if it doesn’t we’re having a beautiful time
with it right now.

You can see more of Diana’s work on her website Verkur