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Featured Analog Photographer: Michael Raymond Lund

Posted on November 17th, 2015


Where are you from?
Minneapolis, Minnesota

How and when did you start doing photography?
I started making movies as a child and found myself interested in the photography over all other aspects. I picked up an old 35mm beater in my early teens and over time became more and more serious about the art.

What inspires your photography?
The way photography makes me see the world is very rewarding. I am inspired by details … fragments of the urban environment that do not exist until I craft them into a composition.

Why do you still shoot film?
As a learning tool, film teaches you patience, the basic mechanics of photography, and emphasizes the value of each photograph you take. The digital revolution has completely lost touch with these important foundations. Beyond that, film is tactile. Its tangible reality allows for utilization and/or manipulation for precise results. It fulfils my commands. I have a very clear vision, and only film can allow me to create it.

Who are your favourite photographers?
Saul Leiter, Helen Levitt, William Eggleston, Lee Friedlander, and Lewis Baltz

What are your favourite camera’s to shoot with?
The canon AE-1 and Olympus OM 4Ti

What is your favourite film to work with?
For negatives, Agfa films. But I prefer shooting slides. Fujichrome Velvia is what i’ve been using lately.

Do you think film photography has a future?
Yes. Its very clear negative film is going strong. You could even argue it is experiencing a resurgence. Slide film, however, is indeed dying. The death of Kodachrome was the biggest blow to the fate of photography. Slides are on their last legs, I truly hope they can make it.